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Pastoral Update

Dear Friends in Fountain!

There is an urgency for us to freshly adjust to being the Body of Christ in these strange and difficult days!

Some of the difficulties include :

1.Physical wellbeing and healing (our BODIES)

2. Economic recovery (our MONEY)

3. The effects of anxiety and isolation on our relationships (our SOULS).

4. Questions about vaccines.

5. Uncertainty about how to do life and be church in these shifting regulations.

Here are some possibly helpful steps we can take:

1. We are preaching on HEALTH AND HEALING, starting this Sunday. Don't miss it.

2. Let's go SMALLER! Avoid any level of adding to the super spreader concern by connecting responsibly with just a few people (EG 2 to 6) so we can still be nourished by Fellowship with the Word and Prayer. We are asking that everyone in Fountain connects like this. If you need help with this please contact one of the pastors. Let's encourage each other as we develop this!

3. Some of our medically trained people are putting together some guidance on the VACCINE question and will make this available asap.

4. Let's all unite in a fresh engagement with the WORD OF THE LORD by reading John's Gospel over the next 2 months. Take it slowly and memorise a verse each week. It will be nourishment to our souls. Share what you find!

The Lord is calling us to wake up to how He is wanting us to express His life in these days. History will testify to how faithful we are in this most unusual season.

Fountain Vineyard, let's stand together in the Lord as we follow Him and serve His purposes in Compassion and Courage.

We assure you of our love for you all.

Together in Jesus,

Dave and Colleen


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