Kids Blowing Bubbles




At FVCF we see children as a priority and so everything we do is intentional. We are helping to ground the children with a love for the Word of God, and also aim at pointing them to the experience of loving the God of the Word.

We have a fantastic Bible-based curriculum called the “Gospel Project” which helps us journey through the entire Bible. If your child is with us throughout Preschool and Primary School, they will have gone through the Bible 3 times by the time they reach High School. This material is so rich!

We have age-specific groups to cater for the needs, learning and interests of various age children, ranging right from babies until tweens. This allows us to teach children at their specific levels. We run 3 various programmes during our Sunday morning services:

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1. Our Toddlers Programme (18months to 3 years old) simply teaches the Bible through a short Bible story, music, instruments, activities, crafts and play. This runs from the end of Adult Worship until the end of the church service. Parents are free to stay with their children.

2. Our Junior Programme (4-9 years old) starts at 9am in our Kids’ Ministry Area. We have a game, kids’ worship, a video, and small group time. This runs for the duration of the church service.

3. Our Senior Programme (Grade 4-7’s) starts with the children in the Main Church Service for worship – we have reserved seating for this Soul Tweens Group at the back right of the building alongwith their Leaders. Following worship, the children go to their Loft for a game, video and group time. This runs for the duration of the service.


On the first Sunday of each month, the church celebrates Communion together as a Church Family. On these Sundays, we encourage children to sit together with their parents from the start of the church service, and share in Worship and Communion together with their families. Following Communion, the children will be released to Kids’ Ministry Time. Yes, our children can be noisy and distracting, but the opportunity of worshipping together and modelling worship for our kids is worth

it! We encourage you to participate with us for this time.


We trust that as you fellowship with us, you will enjoy forming friendships and feel encouraged and find support.

*Due to COVID this is currently not occurring