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Eden Life Centre offers counselling, education, healing, and support services to those within the church and the broader community.  We provides professional and non-professional counselling by appointment and we ask for a donation for services.


Our goal in providing confidential, skilled counselling services is to help you deal with the challenges of life in a way that will improve your personal well-being, relationships, self-image, and spiritual growth.

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We also offer a variety of courses and workshops for various areas of need throughout the year.  

To schedule as session, please download and complete the intake form and either email it to edenlife@fvcf.co.za or return it to the office.

Contact: 081 005 6218

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The mission of Aloe Tree Birth House is to build the bonds that build a nation by restoring a mother’s right to give birth in a safe and positive environment. Follow us and feel free to support our fundraising efforts to purchase and renovate this property in cash, so that we can offer our services to clients at an affordable rate.

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The ReTrade Project is a community-based recycling and social empowerment project which seeks to sustainably provide its members and the community with an opportunity to be environmentally responsible while gaining access to food or basic essentials.

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We invite you to come join us as we journey together to get to know our Father more intimately, grow with others and in who we were designed to be and be equipped to go and serve God in the world with the gifts he has given each one of us!